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What is a 'Registered Breeder'

What is a Registered Breeder?

This is a breeder who is registered with a cat registering body. In the UK the main ones are GCCF, TICA, FIFE. They all have similar aims and objectives, the main one being cat welfare. Being a member of a cat club does not make someone a registered breeder

A registered breeder will have a cattery prefix. This is a name that all cats and kittens they have bred will have atthe beginning of their pedigree name to identify themselves and all the cats/kittens they have bred. They will onlybreed from purebred cats according to the recognised standards set out by their registering body. All their breeding cats will be registered and will have papers/pedigree to prove this. They should adhere to the rules and regulations set out by their registering body concerning the keeping, breeding and selling of pedigree cats. (see code of ethics)

They will breed to try and improve the breed and should know about the genetic problems of their breed. They should work to try and eliminate them. They should be knowledgeable about health issues and seek veterinary advice when needed. They will screen all new potential owners before selling them a kitten. They will give out health, vaccination and historical information on the kitten at the time of sale and be available to new owners should they need advice or information etc. They will also back or assist in re-homing any cat they have sold should the new owner no longer be able to care for that cat. They won't sell kittens before vaccination, usually no earlier than 12 weeks of age. They will insist on neutering before sexual maturity of all pet kittens. They will also have all kittens vet checked before sale and sell only healthy kittens.

So in conclusion, a registered breeder will try and improve the breed and have the welfare of the cat as their most important aim.

A backyard breeder will not do any of the above and will only breed to improve their bank balance at the detriment of the cat

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