Druzhina Siberians Max's Page

Pet name: Max

Pedigree name: 'Champion alter' (TICA) Kiskasiberians Leontei:

(Leontei russian name meaning 'Lion-like')

DOB: 21/07/2008

Sire: CH Miakira Kount Kasper

Dam: Igora Elizaveta

Max was my first ever Siberian cat and of Kiskasiberians. He was bought as a pet/show quality kitten and is a gorgeous boy. He is a black/silver mackerel tabby. He has now been neutered and lives with us as a pampered pet. Max has been to a couple of shows as a kitten and one as an alter. He does not fancy the life of a show cat much and so will soon retire from showing. He is a big softy and loves nothing more than to curl up on your lap for a cuddle or play fetch with his toy mice. He has a wonderful coat for a Siberian even in the summer he manages to retain this. Watching him develop has made us wonder whether we did the right thing having him neutered as I think he would have been a great dad. He has an excellent pedigree and it would have been nice to have carried his line on, but fortunately enough we have his sister as a breeding girl so this will now be possible.

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Druzhina Siberians.
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