Druzhina Siberians Dahlia's Page

Pet name: Dahlia
Pedigree name: Snowgum Dahlia of Druzhina
DOB: 10/05/10
Sire: RW SGC Snowgum Titan
Dam: Delta Diva Siberia

My first female of golden colour in this cattery and she will be the foundation female for my golden lines.  This female is also from Snowgum siberians and is half sister to Xena.  She is a very pretty siberian with a lovely coat colour and although alittle smaller than xena she has a great muzzle and head.  I hope to have golden babies in the future from this female but it also depends on wheter out stud boy carry the gold from their parents or not.  It is a rare colour and harder to breed than silver so it will take time, patience and careful planning of partners to produce golden babies.  As I have not worked with my cats lines for long I wont know exactly which cats are capable of producing this colour.  So enquiries for golden kittens will be put on hold for a while.
Dahlia has settled in well here and gets on very well with Xena.  We hope she can bring good points to our lines in future and she has some great Rusian lines in her pedigree including Onix Gloria, Rossity, Angelur, Taurus and Dauria.  This girl is still a baby and so we wont be having any kittens from her until the summer of 2011.
(Most cats in her pedigree are titled)


|Karlisa| |Elena| |Xena| |Dahlia| |Bella|

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Druzhina Siberians.
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