Druzhina Siberians Belle's Page

Pet name: Belle
Pedigree name: Druzhina Bozhana Belavka
(russian name meaning devine white)
DOB: 21/09/10
Sire: Moskvasibcat Basilli K Adrianovich
Dam: QGC Kiskasiberians Karlisa of Druzhina

This female is also of the same breeding as my homebred boy Boris. I had only planned on keeping a male for breeding from this litter but I was so impressed with this girl from birth that she just had to stay. She was one of the biggest and has continued to stay the biggest, her colouring and body conformation is great.  She has a huge rounded, barrel shaped chest and great heft for a female.  She is the biggest kitten I have bred so far.  I hope she can pass this considerable size which she has got from her mother onto her offspring.  Belle is only a baby and so won't be having any kitten until lAutumn 2011.  She has the same impressive pedigree as my home bred boy with most cats being titled and some world champion cats in there also. She and her mother will ofcourse be taken out for mating until I have my second stud cat as they are both related to my boy and due to the no inbreeding policy here I will not be mating either of these cats with him.

|Karlisa| |Elena| |Xena| |Dahlia| |Bella|

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Druzhina Siberians.
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