Druzhina Siberians Mia's Page

Pet Name:- Mia

Pedigree Name:- Kiskasiberians Ludmia of Druzhina

(Ludmia russian name meaning 'dear to the people')

DOB: 21/07/2008

Sire: CH Miakira Kount Kasper

Dam: Igora Elizaveta

Mia is our second breeding girl and is a black shaded classic torbie. She also comes from Karen of Kiskasiberians. She is sister to our neutered boy. She is very unusual in colouring and having the silver gene will hopefully produce some lovely silver kittens. She is smaller than our other girl but is still very young so we are hoping she will develop more as she ages. Within minutes of arriving at our home she had managed to sit on everyones lap for cuddles. She has a wonderful temperament and we hope she passes this onto her kittens. This girl was originally going to stay with Karen of Kiskasiberians but after much discussion she has kindly entrusted her to us as we so wanted to retain her and max's line in our cattery. She is the last breeding Siberian from this line so we are very fortunate. Thankyou Karen for this beautiful girl. Mia will be due to have her babies early next year as we did not want to breed from her until she was a little bigger. (Mia has 9 titled Siberians in her 3 generation pedigree)

|Boris| |New Stud| Neuters |Max| |Mia|

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Druzhina Siberians.
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